Thursday at RT

In re-reading my posts, I realized that though I've been filling you in on how my days and nights were spent at RT, I've yet to provide you with any industry info. No doubt that's what many of you are hungry for. As you've gathered, I attended more rehearsals then workshops, but I did glean a wee bit of insight here and there. I'll rack my brain and list what I remember over the weekend.

Meanwhile back to me. *g* Thursday went something like this. Rehearsal for Heather's Vampires in the Caribbean play, a luncheon sponsored by a movie production company gearing up to make romance novel to DVD movies (more on that over the weekend), another rehearsal (tech) for Heather's play... then Mary and I raced over to speak on a panel for booksellers. The topic: Blogging, websites and newsletters. The panel: Webmaster Kelli Salkin, authors Mary Stella, Rowena Cherry, and moi. Kate Ryan of RT Magazine moderated. We spoke about how booksellers can use blogging, newsletters, and websites to their advantage. The workshop was interactive and fun!

I can't remember what we did after that. The days are blurring, but very soon after we had to rush to get ready for the evening show and party. I only suffered slight pre-show jitters. I had my 'mimes' down, my blocking, entrances and exits. Also, I had a gut feeling that the show was going to go over well. It wasn't too long, the characters and costumes were outrageously cute, and the script was fun. (Thank you writer/director Lance Taubold!) Lastly, everyone involved, no matter the size of their part, no matter if they had any 'acting' experience, was talented. My good friend and critique partner, Mary Stella, ended up with a huge speaking role. Her background isn't in entertainment, but she's funny, outgoing, and works in PR. I just knew she was going to nail her part and she did. Woo-hoo Mary!!

I won't describe the show. I'll just say it was fun and a success. Heather Graham was hilarious as Captain Jack Sparrow! When it was over, I wanted to change out of that dratted mermaid costume so I could relax and dance. I was truly uncomfortable walking around all night with my midriff exposed!

It wasn't to be. Everyone wanted their picture taken with 'the mermaid'. I'm not going to obsess on the fact that, in the photos I've seen thus far on other people's blogs, I look ten pounds heavier than I am. *sigh*

Abby Zidle, my editor from HQN showed up as people were tugging me here and there for pics. We talked for quite awhile and even danced! Hard to cha-cha slide in that dratted mermaid costume, but darnit, I did it! Later she mentioned something about my 2007 HQN book ALL ABOUT EVIE and how it takes place in the Caribbean... she mentioned HQN's marketing department and telling them about me as a mermaid.

Oh, no!

I don't want to think about it. Truly, I don't. I guess I won't be eating chips and cookies for the next year. *g*


chryscat said…
Good grief! You were BUSY!
Sounds like you had a great time though. Don't worry so over the mermaid costume. *grins* Obviously you were a big hit.
I will, of course, be tuned into your blog this weekend. I must glean, you know.
Your blog hates me. It won't show me the verification letters. Grrrrrrr
Going on try number seven.
Mary Stella said…
Beth, you were adorable as the mermaid and looked great in your costume. Everybody thought so and EVERYONE wanted your picture! Please don't obsess about your midriff.
Bethany said…
Oh what you do for publicity huh? :-)

You looked great BTW-- a helluva lot better than I would. THAT is for SURE!
Beth Ciotta said…
You're right. You're right. I'll stop obsessing about my bared midriff. At least I'll try. *g* Of course I'd do it all over again. As Bethany says, it's publicity!
Arianna Hart said…
You looked ADORABLE in that costume an pulled it off with an aplomb that no one else I know could have. Be proud of yourself! You looked lovely and were the star of the show!!!
Stacie said…
I wish I could've seen the show! Apparently, you were a HUGE hit! From the pics, the costumes were perfect and *everyone* looked great!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Ari! *hugs*

Stacie, I wish you could have seen it too. It was great fun!
Gabriele C. said…
Well, you can always visit that ugly water witch and trade your voice for legs instead of that ol' fishtail. And then not even get the prince. ;)

The Little Mermaid is my favourite fairly tale by Andersen, and the bittersweet rather than happy ending has a lot to do with that.

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