The Game is On! (still)

Due to the surpisingly great response to my weekend giveaway, I'm extending the contest throughout today. Also, I'm now giving away five copies of SEDUCED (as opposed to three). I've so enjoyed your questions. Thank you to all who participated! There's still time to play. Don't be shy. Ask away! (See post below)

On another note, I'd like to alert all writers out there to a great post over at Mark Pettus's blog 'Writing What You Know' (or don't know). Affirmation that I really need to get out more. *g*


chryscat said…
What has been your most memorable booksigning moment?

What was the best and worst question you've been asked at a Q & A?

Beth Ciotta said…
Hiya Crystal! Yet more great questions from you. :)

Most memorable booksigning moment in recent memory (because long term seems to be shot)... While in London this past March, I visited a bookstore called Murder One. This store specializes in romance and mystery. I dropped in hoping they had a copy or two of LASSO THE MOON. They did! I saw two copies on the shelf so I went to the counter, introduced myself, and asked if they allowed stock signings? A woman standing behind the clerk, said, "Your Beth Ciotta?" Like she knew of me. *tingles*

I said I was. She introduced herself as the lead romance buyer for the store. I asked, if she'd like me to autograph the books. Said I noticed two copies on the shelf. She said, "Oh, I have more than two copies. And yes, I'd love for you to sign them." She disappeared into a stock room and returned carrying TWELVE copies of LASSO THE MOON. I nearly keeled over. I knew they had carried my other books in the past. I assumed I sold well since they ordered in so many copies of my current release! I was stunned. After I signed the books and thanked the buyer, I perused the store. When I came back upstairs, several copies of my book were displayed on a prime table with 'autographed' stickers. I walked on air for several days, let me tell you. The entire experience was surreal. "YOU'RE Beth Ciotta?" Hee-hee.
Fave sister said…
Still wating for Christmas!! Check out Saturday's post. Don't you love when I give you a hard time? Would you hate if I told embarassing stories about you on here? Ever eat a fried bologna sandwich? Ever "warsh" your clothes? Ever feel like living in Peru again? I am sooo funny! Love ya B
Beth Ciotta said…
Oh, God. A hit and run from one of my sisters!! She signed it 'B'. But hey, ALL of my sisters names start with 'B'. Except the youngest. So that leaves four. I'm guessing Barb cuz she's a smart... She's smart. *g*

You forgot to ask me if I liked Spam. Only, maybe that was before your time. What about fried tenderloin? With pickles. Smart a--alec. ;)
Taylor said…
Beth! I've been looking for James Bond fans to share some great news! The first trailer for Casino Royale is OUT NOW! It's a 'teaser', and it's AMAZING! Go to to see it now! Let me tell you: I'm shaken AND stirred! This movie will be awesome and I cannot wait! Any doubts I had about Craig are slowly smoldering (They're taking a while to leave). Go check it out and tell me what you think!
Beth Ciotta said…
Taylor, my cinematic friend, thank you for the lead. I saw Craig in 'Layer Cake' so I had no doubts about him as Bond. (I know. Blond hair. Whatever) Off to view the trailor!
Mark Pettus said…
Beth, Thanks for the kind words, the plug for my site, and such great answers to my questions.

What writer inspires you?
Beth Ciotta said…
You're welcome, Mark. My pleasure. The topic of your post was quite timely for me.

As to your question, I just finished 'Appaloosa' by Robert B. Parker. I'm a big fan of his contemporary Spencer series, so I was interested in how his style would translate to a historical western. Perfectly, is how. At least in my opinion. That book knocked my socks off.

Other writers who inspire me: Stuart Woods, Stephen Coonts, Nora Roberts, Iris Johanson, Julie Garwood, Susan Elizabeth Phillips... to name a few. Who inspires you?

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