Friday at RT (Fall from Grace)

Although these pictures are a tad dark, you can see some of the authors who sponsored the fairy ball dancing around the Maypole. You can see that I was wearing a lovely, long chiffon gown. Friday evening at RT. The Faery Ball.

Of all of my performances, this was the most simple. The one I had been able to prepare for ahead of time. After the guests were seated, the DJ cranked up the music tracks I had given him. I sang an Enya tune to set the mood then, over instrumental Enya and Lord of The Dance music, I recited faery chants in an English accent while the eighteen authors who had sponsored the ball, paraded onto the dance floor in their amazing faery costumes and weaved ribbons around a maypole (held by cover model Mark Johnson). The entire sequence took twelve minutes and closed with me leading the audience in a toast and introducing the two lead faires, authors Cheyenne McCray and Eden Robbins.

The bit went beautifully. The eighteen faeires looked fantasic. I performed the Enya song and Faery chants without cracking or stumbling. I felt graceful and condient, mystical, magical and all that. I handed the mic to Eden and turned to head back toward the DJ to collect gift bags that the ladies wanted to present. That's when it happened.

The toe of my shoe caught under a rippled carpet runner that the faeries had walked on and .... BAM! I went down hard, face first, sprawled out flat.

The table I'd fallen directly in front of gasped collectively and several people (I can't remember who as I was in a mortified daze) rushed over to help me up. As if the fall hadn't been embarrassing enough, I couldn't even get up gracefully. The lining of the dress was tight, yet there were yards of flowing chiffon on the outside to contend with. Oy. Poor Eden, who'd been trying to talk on the mic, rushed over, looking quite concerned, bless her. She asked if I was alright. I was, I told her (although my pride was sorely bruised), then I went back and collected the gift bags for her. Friend, cover model, and fellow actor, Mark Johnson teased me mercilessly, because if you know Mark, you know that's what he does. Still, he assured me that he didn't think many people saw my fall from grace. "How could they not?" I asked. I mean it was right there on the dance floor. He pointed out that there were cover models standing in front of me and I went down between them and a table. Also mostly everyone was rivited on Cheyenne and Eden who were talking on the mic. Sure enough, almost everyone I asked that night did not see my fall. Amazing.

I can laugh about it now. Actually, I could laugh about it ten minutes after. Hard not to laugh when Mark is making fun. Oh, I did suffer one other bruise aside from my pride. My right knee cap must have taken the biggest bang. It swelled and turned a really ugly black and blue. It could have been worse, I told myself. I could have fallen during my performance. *g*

At any rate the Faery Ball truly was the magical night of RT. Connie Perry, special event coordinator and costume designer, transformed the ballroom into an enchanted forest. The food was delicious and the dancing a blast. The costumes were out of this world. A special thank you to the authors who sponsored the evening.

As for my day.... It started with a rehearsal for the faery ball, then a luncheon, then a rehearsal for the Mr. Romance Competition, then I spoke on a workshop panel for booksellers, then another meet and greet in the hospitality suite. After that I attended the on and only workshop I was able to squeeze in. This is where I learned some industry insight. And that's what I'll be sharing on Sunday. Tomorrow, highlights from the Bookfair and the Mr. Romance Competition!


Jennifer Elbaum said…
You poor thing Beth. Just don't let that be your most memorable moment from the conference!
Well crap! You missed my Blonde Intervention Tour and I missed your pratfall. We'll have to pay more attention next year!

I'm glad Mark was there to make you laugh about it. That's better than any pain pill I know of.

Take care of that knee!
Arianna Hart said…
you looked lovely, and your singing almost made me cry. It was beautiful and I'm so glad you were there to share in our special night. It wouldn't have been the same without you.

And I don't think anyone noticed your fall. I was terrified I'd do that in my big ole fairy gown!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Jen! Well, it's not the most memorable moment for me, but it ranks. LOL

Ann, I can't believe I missed the Blonde Intervention. Although, Mary described it to me in greater detail, and I do believe I did see the latter part. Yee-haw! ;) You go, girl.
Beth Ciotta said…
Ari, it was a beautiful night! You ladies did a magnificent job. Thank you again for hosting. And thank you for your kind words! Miss you!
chryscat said…
Sorry you got so banged up, hon! But it sounds like everything else went beautifully. I LOVE the pictures. Can't wait til Sunday!
Julia Templeton said…
You looked lovely every night. I'm just disappointed I missed your performances :(.
Be sure to take care of your knee.
Taylor said…
Beth, your stories are touching, insightful, and hilarious. I love 'em! Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope it didn't hurt too much. Good thing no one saw ya!
ElsieHogarth said…
Beth, your adventures at RT-Daytona have been great. Sorry to hear about your fall and hope that Steve is giving you some TLC.
Bethany said…
I cringed... cringed reading this. I have so fallen on my face in front of a crowd more than once. It is awful. Really. But hey... you recovered nicely!

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