Beautiful People

Good thing I read this post late last night and not this morning. Warning, Will Robinson! Content could cause morning java to spurt out your nose! Writer Ken Levine offers a funny (snarky) take on People's 100 Most Beautiful People.

Regulars of this blog know that I rant now and then about the emphasis on youth and beauty in the entertainment industry. It so often rates over talent and experience, at least that's what I'm experiencing in my neck of the woods. I appreciate my agents candor, I do. But I'm really sick of hearing, "They want younger." Anyway, back to People Magazine and those 100 Beautiful People. I don't buy People, but it comes into the library, so of course I browsed. I'm not saying the featured 100 weren't attractive (hey, Clooney was included!), I'm just wondering who picks these people? I mean, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

My list of 'beautiful' people includes people who aren't necessarily cosmetically, classically gorgeous, but who possess beautiful souls. So maybe Angelina Jolie does deserve the mag feature simply based on her humanitarian efforts. Still my list would differ greatly from People's. My list would include stunners like... the Dalai Lama. And what about any Peace Corps volunteer? My list also includes several non-celebrity friends and family members who make this world a better place.

Who's on your list?


Mary Stella said…
I'm with you, B. Women like Angelina Jolie and Susan Sarandon have depth. Angelina's using her stardom to bring attention to people in need. People might not agree with Susan's politics, but nobody can claim that she isn't deeply committed. That's beauty -- commitment, caring, compassion in action and not just words. Too many other people are just pretty faces.
Bill Cunningham said…
Maybe that girl who wears the Catholic school girl outfit or cheerleader uniform for's the saddle shoes.

Beth Ciotta said…
"Commitment, caring, compassion in action and not just words..." Yup, Mary. That's a beautiful thing.
Beth Ciotta said…
Um, Bill. You're not talking about moi, right? What is it about guys and saddle shoes anyway? Wait. Don't tell me. It's obvious I guess. Jeesh. :)
Bill Cunningham said…
What can I say? I went to a catholic high school and dated a cheerleader (though that was later).

Besides, a little flirtation never hurt anyone.
chryscat said…
You know. I'm starting another story and am picking out character names. (It's about the only research I like.)
And Angelina Jolie (The name she picked for herself) literally means "pretty angel." No comment on this. She may be a philanthropist, but I believe she has MAJOR issues.
And IS in the eye of the beholder.
But some of those editors probably have blinders on.
Roni said…
Instead of a beautiful list, I wish they'd post a "100 Most Admired People" and that could include those we admire for their achievements or, for instance, Maya Angelou, the poet; or the late Betty Friedan; or Mother Theresa; or Ghandi...etc. People who made a difference in this world.
I wish I could be at RT, too...but I will be at RWA national. And I hope to get to RT someday!
ElsieHogarth said…
I agree with Mary...commitment, caring and compassion that is beauty. To the list of Angelina, Susan and Maya Angelou add: George Clooney, the Dali Lama, Ellen Degeneres and Oprah.

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