What Will They Think of Next?


robynl said…
Wow, what next!! My goodness, as long as the scents are 'good' scents.
Amber said…
I can see it if it's good stuff, but doesn't a lot of the Japanese movies have a lot of sweaty kung-fo guys in them? Some things I'd rather not have so real.
Gina said…
I read about this yesterday, and it made me laugh.
Beth Ciotta said…
Uh-huh. I thought the same thing. Good scents only please. LOL
Jordan Summers said…
Actually, it's kind of a recycling of an old idea. Years and years and years ago some movie theaters used to have buzz-type things attached to the seats. When a scary part of a movie hit the screen everyone got zapped. It was a of making it interactive. I think the scent idea would definitely be interesting as long as they're subtle.

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