A Talk With Myself

Positive Self: You are not a slacker.

Yesterday, after working at the library, you did a load of laundry, washed the dishes, and cooked a healthy meal (Yay for you. You're still eating right and exercising--amazing!). Then you returned some emails and updated your website (It's not your fault it wouldn't upload.). After that you organized faery chants from eighteen different authors for a song you're performing as a musical intro for the faery court at the Romantic Times Convention's Faery Ball. Okay. You still need to order the actual music, but at least the project is under way. Next, you started inputting several email addresses of readers who signed up for your newsletter into an Excel program. This is something you should have done long ago (Huge promo no-no. Offering readers a newsletter and never delivering--shame, shame). Yes, you had deadlines, but you'll always have deadlines... hopefully. No more procrasitating. Tackle that newsletter.

Negative Self: You're right. I accomplished quite a bit last night, including avoiding my next deadline book!! *Sigh* I'm going to regret this delay, I know I am. Three months from now, I'll be writing seven days a week, ten hours a day, and whining to my CPs and fellow blogsters about how I'm never going to finish on time!

Positive Self: You're whining now. Heh. Seriously, when that time comes and, you're right, it will, your CPs and fellow blogsters will remind you that stressing, obsessing, and writing down to the wire is your process, and they'll be right, and you will finish on time. You always do. Somehow. So, stop beating yourself up about 'not writing' for the past five days. Those projects that you tackled and started had to get done some time. If I get them out of the way, you can devote your full time and attention to your WIP.

Negative Self: So I'm not avoiding? I'm clearing my desk and head so that I can concentrate on my new western?

Positive Self: Exactly.

Negative Self: You know the revision letter from my editor for my first HQN book is supposed to come this week. What if the requested revisions are extensive?

Positive Self: In the words of one of your/our heroes: Don't borrow trouble. Besides whatever those revisions are, they'll only make the story stronger and that's a good thing, right?

Negative Self: Right.

Positive Self: So, you'll give yourself two more days to clear your desk then you'll dive into your western this weekend. Sound good?

Negative Self: Sounds optimistic.

Positive Self: Are you a wiener or a winner? A wimp or a warrior?

Negative Self: I get the picture.

Positive Self: So?

Negative Self: *rolling eyes* A warrior.

Positive Self: So what are you doing this weekend?

Negative Self: Conquering a new chapter in my WIP. You know, you're really annoying sometimes.

Positive Self: Not half as annoying as you. Staying positive is hard work.

Negative Self: Better you than me.

Positive Self: I am you.

Negative Self: Oh, Right. Heh.

Positive Self: Made you smile. Heh. My work is done. Well, at least for today.

"There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. That little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative." ~ W. Clement Stone


Jennifer Elbaum said…
Great post Beth. Why is it so easy to dismiss our accomplishments (and you are accomplishing a great deal, good for you!)? Kudos to you for practicing positive self talk. Continued success in drowning out those negative thoughts.
Have you read Eric Maisel' "Write Mind"? It's all about reframing things and putting a positive spin on them.
Mary Stella said…
LOLOL, Beth. I'm printing out this blog entry. Two and a half months from now, when I'm hearing you stress and obsess, I'll just read it to you as a reminder. *vbg* Chaos IS your creative process, my dear friend and critique partner.
Cyn said…
Great post, B! You always amaze me. You are ALWAYS working, even if it's not the actual bookwriting, you are working on something writing related. ALWAYS.
Sam said…
me to positive self "Speak Louder!!"
Me to negative self "Put a sock in it!!"
Tori Lennox said…
Oh, I seriously need to have that conversation with myself....
Bethany said…
This is too funny--and GOOD.

We all need to give ourselves a pep talk now and again, hey?
Beth Ciotta said…
Glad you enoyed the post, Jen. I have not read 'Write Mind'. Sounds like something I should pick up. Thanks for the suggestion!

Mary, are you saying this blog post will haunt me? :)

Cyndi, I AM always working on something. There must be a name for this sickness. Ah, yes. WORKAHOLIC. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Great self talk, Sam. Love it!

Tori, do it! Have a serious talk with yourself and give yourself credit for all you DO accomplish.

Bethany, pep talk, yeah. All I was missing was a coach's cap and whistle. :) But seriously, talking to myself really did help to put things in better perspective. Sometimes I think we expect so much of ourselves, we fail to celebrate the smaller accomplishments.
Anna Lucia said…
Progress is progress, Beth! The trick is not to panic. :-)

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