Spring Fever

I don't know about you, but I must have Spring fever. Restless. Unable to focus on work. I spent the better part of last evening daydreaming about England, and surfing the net for real estate in Canterbury. Yes, my dream to live there burns strong.

Although I didn't type a word on my WIP, I did continue reading the westerns I metioned earlier. And I did think about a secondary plot while I showered. So I guess I did squeeze in work of sorts. Tonight I'm driving a couple of hours north to join the East Brunswick Borders reading group and several other authors for 'Spring Fling'. One of the things we'll be discussing is my latest release 'Lasso the Moon'. I currently have three of my stories spinning in my head, and that's not one of them! Hmmm. Might be a good idea to review that book before tonight. Meanwhile the sun is shining and I'm itching to for a long, lazy walk with my dogs. Yup. Spring has flung. Anyone else have the fever?


Mary Stella said…
Beth, please say hello to everyone from me! I miss you all.
Sam said…
Sounds like you're busy!!!
Spring fever - not yet - but the house is due for a spring cleaning. Ugh.
Bethany said…
Of course it has! ;-) Hell, when I woke up to sunshine today (after days of rain), it took every part of my will power not to call in sick to work to just ENJOY the day.

Let me know if you find any good homes in England.... cause you know, it is a secret little dream of mine too. Must be the English countryside.
Scott Oden said…
Spring fever? Noooooo . . . I have Spring Bubonic Plague. It's symptoms include an overwhelming desire to eat all my meals in the park and to generally partake in flagrant navel gazing. There is no known cure.
Beth Ciotta said…
An enthusiastic howdy to the ladies in East Brunswick. Will do, Mary!

Sam/Jenny... I did a wee bit of spring cleaning before we went to London. A 'wee' bit and it took me all day. Not looking forward to more, but do enjoy that fresh, Mr. clean green apple smell. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Bethany, the English countryside is indeed beautiful. So green! Houses in the area I'm looking at are a bit pricey but we already live in a high cost area, so nothing new to me. Still winning the lottery would be a huge help. ;)

Wow, Scott. You've been hit hard. Navel gazing, eh? Are you sure you even WANT a cure for that? LOL
Kelly said…
Count me in as having The Fever too. I can't even count the number of times in an hour that my feet twitch under the desk. Plus, I constantly get up and wander aimlessly around the library. I think if it was warm enough to wear sandals I would feel less antsy. :-)
chryscat said…
You know...I always wondered if other authors have that problem of having to go back and review their own work when another work is on their mind. Glad to know I'm not the only one.
Spring has definitely arrived.
Roni said…
I wish I could have been there! It's about an hour from my house, and my kids go to college right near there, but my work schedule was crazy today and I couldn't get to the booksigning. sigh
Julia Templeton said…
Yes, I have spring fever! The sun has been out all day, which hasn't helped my writing quota.

Hey, did you find that house in Canterbury yet? :) Can't wait!!!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Kelly, sandal weather can't be too far off. Hang in there. Although, that will mean the weather is even NICER, so your feet will probably twitch MORE! LOL

Chryscat, you are SO not alone. Even thught LASSO THE MOON only came out last month, I've written an entire bok since, a synopsis for another, and just started a third. Of course, whatever you are working on will burn most brightly in your mind, past projects a fading flicker. At least it works that way for me. Kind of sad in a way.
Beth Ciotta said…
Roni... Drats! It would have been great to see you. The event was well attended and fun. Will write about it tomorrow.

Julie, I found at least three places in Canterbury or in a nearby village that I loved. Can't purchase now, but I am SO planning for the future. Your guest room awaits. :)

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