Something To Think About

I haven’t been commenting on many blogs lately, but I’ve certainly been reading them. I’m not sure why I don’t comment more often. Although, I was always the quiet kid in class (believe it or not), more apt to listen and soak up information like a sponge rather than jump in and participate in lively debate. Yesterday, two particular blog entries snagged my attention.

Did you know that many readers today prefer happy-for-right-now to happily-ever-after? I didn’t. The ‘reason’ saddened me. I actually did comment on this post, but blogger ate my submission. Figures. Check out The Library Diva’s enlightening post.

Remember my post the other day—People Are Listening? Lee Goldberg offers a compelling argument on ‘blogging responsibly’ and links us to another eye-opener on this subject by literary agent Steve Axelrod.

Two hot topics for me, posts that are still on my mind. What blogger recently gave you something to think about?


Kelly said…
Your comment is there. It just takes awhile for the comments to update on my individual post pages because Blogger hates me. :-)

While you were saddened I was mostly confused. Class even ended earlier than normal because I was so thrown by their response. Don't let this attitude depress you. There are still plenty of readers who want/need a HEA. It's just that unfortunately none of them are currently taking my class.
chryscat said…
Professionally, I'm not sure. I'll bebop around to the blogs listed on my blogbar. And it's funny because everyone's good news and irritations seem to come in cycles.
Personally, I enjoy reading all of them. It's the insight I love. From Michelle's Tank of Death to Tori's addiction to Dr. Who. You're links rather rock. Jill Monroe is always having "one of those days."
I just like to visit and see what's going on.
Jennifer Elbaum said…
I'm partial to Anna Louise Genoese's blog

She's an editor at Tor and one funny lady!
FeyRhi said…
For myself I prefer a HEA to a HFRN, but I do insist on one or the other.

I mean I'm reading romance, fiction. A universe lovingly created by its author in order to gift me with hours of pleasure. I read to escape all the normal, everyday, depressing, stuff we all deal with.

By the last pages I like the villian defeated, everyone to be happy and in love, without any money woes or stretchmarks. *G*
Beth Ciotta said…
Kelly, I went back later and saw that, indeed, my comment did take. I'm glad to hear there are plenty of others who want/need an HEA. But I still find it sad that there are those who think of an HEA as 'unrealistic.' I can't imagine settling for a happy-for-right-now. If that's all I had, I'd at least fantasize about my happily-ever-after by way of movies and novels. Then again, I'm a dreamer and romantic at heart.
Beth Ciotta said…
Crystal, I enjoy bloghopping and seeing what's going on as well. Although, unfortunately, I have been doing a little less of that to keep up with my deadlines.

Jen, I've only been to Anna Genoese's blog a couple of times, but you're right. She rocks. Very candid, entertaining view from an editor's perspective. I need to get there more often.
Beth Ciotta said…
FeyRhi wrote: "By the last pages I like the villian defeated, everyone to be happy and in love, without any money woes or stretchmarks."

A woman after my own heart. LOVE IT!

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