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Last night I drove up to Nothern Jersey to attend 'Spring Fling'--a lovely event thrown by the East Brunswick Borders Romance Readers Group. They had invited eight New Jersey romance authors to join them for a Q&A, booksigning, and chocolates. Lots of chocolate. They also decorated the tables lavishly (I can't believe I forgot my camera!) and presented each of us with a cute tote bag containing several gifts celebrating our current release and personal likes.

These devoted romance fans really know their authors. In my bag were oodles of 'cowboy' gifts--wahoo LASSO THE MOON!--as well as cool gifts featuring London. Elsie (who coordinated the event) is well aware of my London addiction. She also loaded up Eloisa James with various 'chick' gifts. Not as in Chick Lit, but as in 'Squawk Radio'. Like I said, this group really knows their authors.

Through Q&A it was obvious that they'd read our books. They knew our stories, our characters, but they also knew some of us as people. I think that's because many of us maintain blogs. Last night I truly felt the power of blogging, proof that what I write here is read, confirmation that I connect with readers. One of my gifts was handcrafted by Elsie. She cross-stitched something I said/wrote on this blog onto a lovely fabric heart. I had forgotten about that post, that phrase, but Elsie hadn't. One line. An affirmation of sorts.

My passion is stronger than my fear.

I joked to Elsie, "I've been quoted in cross-stitch. I have arrived!" Seriously though, her gift touched me deeply and reminded me to have a care when posting my thoughts. I'm not journaling in a diary or sharing opinions with a few select friends. Anyone can read these posts. Words are powerful. They can influence thoughts and actions. If I'm going to have any influence over any one, I'd prefer that it be of a positive nature. A very telling notion that translates to my storytelling.

Question for the writers out there. If you blog, do you feel your blogging style reflects your storytelling and/or life attitude?


Jennifer Elbaum said…
Love the quote Beth, very inspiring.

Since I'm new to the blogging world, I can't say what I think my blog reflects.

Though my mood at the moment is pretty dark because it started snowing here an hour ago and the lawn and my car are already covered. Someone please tell Mother Nature it's April!
Mary Stella said…
Oh, B, I envy you being able to see Elsie, Laurie and all those wonderful people. They're so thoughtful. What fun that must be!

Yes, I think my blog reflects my personality and lifestyle. At least, that's what I aim for! LOL
Kelly Parra said…
How wonderful about the event!

My blog does usually reflect my outlook on writing and career. You have to be positive and work hard in order to reach your goals. It's not a very interesting quote, but it's the simplicity in the statement that rings true.

I wish I could blog like my storytelling, though! =D
Cyn said…
What an event, B! The ladies sound so wonderful.

I think my blog style reflects me personally. As I'm sure everyone does, I write my entries from the heart, from my relationship with writing ... it can only be me! I like to dig into the how's and why's. I like to reflect on how we might work through things and how we might see them. The writing process itself as I'm going through it. I always hope that my experience might connect with someone else. I know that is why I read blogs of other writers. To connect and commune and share with others who write.

Hugs, C
SassyElsie said…
Beth, thanks so much for attending "Spring Fling". We just love you and had a great time. Of course, some more than others-the ones that sit right in front of you with their signs(Sister Stalker).
Beth Ciotta said…
Jen, I don't blame you for the dark mood. Just snowed for a brief but here too. What the. . .? Just yesterday I blogged about Spring Fever. Today, snow. *rolling eyes*

Mary, the ladies were fantastic. A swell time was had by all! I'm at work just now and can't wait to get home to look through my goody bag again. :) As for your blog, since I know you well personally, I can say that, yes, your blog does reflect YOU. Insightful, caring, and funny.
Beth Ciotta said…
Kelly, I have not had the pleasure of meeting you in person, but if you are like your blog persona--determined, down-to-earth, motivated, and postive--I just know we'd hit it off! :)

Cyndi, your blog does reflect you personally. Your posts are complex, thoughtful, entertaining and inspiring... just like the real you. :) I also think it refelcts your storytelling style.
Beth Ciotta said…
Elsie, again, thank you for everything. The event was awesome! Please thank the ladies for me. Also, that little sign cracked me up. Laurie (my #1 stalker and your loving sister) knows I get nervous at those Q&As. So everytime I glanced her way, she held up that sign and grinned. Talk about a pick-me-up. If I ever go on tour, can I take you two with me?? :)
Scott Oden said…
I think my blog reflects my work/my person . . . but I'm horrible about posting with enough frequency to gain more than a few die-hard readers. Half the time, I feel my posts turn into whines . . .

What the heck is up with your verification words? Plskcgok? Sounds like a character from 'Last of the Mohicans' :)
SassyElsie said…
Beth, you know "we" are there for you. We love you as our guest author because you are so much fun but more because you are our friend. (Plus you really understand my love for "My John").

Sister dear is a whole other story especially now that I've made her her own stalker kits. The most important thing is that you feel confortable when you visit with a readers group.
Beth Ciotta said…
Scott, your posts don't turn into whines. They reflect the true joy and angst of a writer. 'Don't go changing' as the song goes. I'm sure you have many lurkers like moi.

Elsie, you and 'sister dear' are one of of kind. I'm blessed to call you friend. :)
Anna Lucia said…
Lovely Beth!

I'm paraphrasing and aspiring to:- "I will let my passion conquer my fear"

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