Misalligned Moon

Last night I tried to upload my newly designed website. Something glitched and the side navigation bar is missing. Now my server says I'm timed out and I can't get it to upload at all. Until I (read: Steve) can figure it out, you'll need to navigate by the buttons at the bottom of the pages. Also the 'hit' counter reads 1. Yesterday, I was 48 hits away from 25,000!! Waaah!

Last night I painted my fingernails with a new polish. I thought it was a tropical pink. Today it looks neon orange. Grrr.

Last night I discovered I accidentally deleted an important business email. Darnit!

Yesterday, I called my mom on my cell to wish her 'Happy Birthday,' only instead of hearing, "Thank you," I heard, "It's not my birthday." I'd autodialed Mary S instead of Mom S. Dohh! At least I'd simply opened the greeting with a cheery "Happy Birthday" instead of breaking out in song. I'm quite certain my friend, who possesses a wicked sense of humor, would have let me sing the entire bleepin' song without interrupting.

I could name about four or five other glitches in my day yesterday. It was just one of those days. Any glitches in your day recently? Or am I the only one with a misalligned moon?


Jennifer Elbaum said…
Awww, Beth -- sorry you're having a tough time. Glitches do seem to come in bunches though, don't they?Try to remember that days like that are prime fodder for your fiction writing -- that way at least you know something good is coming as a result of your mishaps!
Mary Stella said…
I'm quite certain my friend, who possesses a wicked sense of humor, would have let me sing the entire bleepin' song without interrupting.

Better believe that I would have -- and then I would have applauded your singing before telling you it wasn't my birthday.

It's always good to hear from you, B, even when it isn't my birthday!

Love the new look to the website with all of the stars!
ElsieHogarth said…
Beth, I hear you on the gliches.

For me, it's the cordless phone. Since I don't sit down to talk, I'm forever moving around(multitasking) while I talk, when I place the phone on my shoulder and hold it with my chin I always disconnect the person. I do it constantly and have to call back and apologize. Oh well!!!
Bethany said…
Ummm yeah. The last 2 weeks at work. Crazy. Insane. Totally glitch ridden.

Today? Much better. And I feel better. But then again, I am -->THIS<-- close to finishing my rewrites. So that is likely it. :-) [sorry had to blatantly promote myself there... I blame it on the lack of sleep.]
Tori Lennox said…
*hugs* on the glitches. My whole life seems like one big glitch lately. So I totally sympathize!
Roni said…
Actually, yesterday was pretty good. It was my 25th anniversary! Can you believe it?
The last few weeks have been stressful, tho, as my mom fell and broke her hip and was in the hospiatl and now rehab. So I've been running back and forth, and I have her dog staying here (of course. Like I would send her to the vet? She gets along with Sable too). BTW Beth, Hart to Hart and McMillan and Wife have their first seasons out in DVD. I own both. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Waving to everyone with their own 'glitch' days. :)

Roni, Happy Anniversary! 25 years. That's fantastic. Wishing you many more. So sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she heals quickly!

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