Is There an 'L' on my Forehead?

When I wrote this morning's post (see below: Fun, Sun, and Stress) I did everything like I always do. I didn't try anything fancy. Didn't push any new buttons. Yet when I published the post, I noticed my sidebar content is now alllllll the way down at the bottom of the blog!! What the ?! *sigh* So I'm writing this short rant/explanation, hoping that when I hit 'publish' everything will be back where it should be. Otherwise, I'll have to try to figure it out later. I have to work at the library today where I hope to get my 'zen' on.

Why do the computer gods hate me? Why? Why?


Tori Lennox said…
Chill, sweetie. Everything looks good now. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
You're right, Tori!! By gosh, maybe it wasn't me, but a glitch on Bloggers part. It took hours, but it did fix itself. Pshew. I thought I was jinxed. LOL
Beth Ciotta said…
Uh, at least it was fixed. Now it's wacky again. Well, I'm chilling like Tori suggested. Chanting to self, "It's Blogger, not me... blogger, not me."
chryscat said…
Hugs Beth!
Don't let that sadistic technology get you down. *laughing*
Mary Stella said…
The computer gods don't hate you, B. They just want to mess with your head a little bit.
Julia Templeton said…
I'm a computer loser, too. Can't seem to get it right no matter what I do. Look how long it took me to actually get to your blog :).
Beth Ciotta said…
As you can see, my sidebar content is still in the wrong place. *sigh* I looked at the template and those HTML codes and didn't see anything weird, but what do I know? Well, not enough to fix whatever's wrong. LOL Will try some more remedies tonight.

Meanwhile my website is totally whacked. Steve has been working to fix it all day. No doubt his stress factor is: High.

Speaking of stress factors, mine lowered somewhat last night when I got news of what my role will be in Heather Graham's show at RT. Fun and LOW stess. Yippee!
Jordan Summers said…
(((Hugs))) I have the same problem. I'm like the guy in Jurassic Park. LOL!

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