Fun, Sun, and Stress

Update on my website: More glitches. *banging head against wall* Apologies to anyone trying to navigate to excerpts and such. Hard to do when all the link bars have DISAPPEARED! *sigh*
Hope to have the problems corrected by this weekend.

In other news, the Romantic Times Convention is two weeks away. Sunny Daytona Beach, FL here I come! I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends, meeting readers, booksellers, and librarians, and generally having fun. However, it won't be all play. In addition to writer obligations, I've been asked to perform at various events. All of the events require rehearsals. Those will cut into play time, although the people I'm working with are fun, so it's not a drag, believe me. Here's a sneak peak at my performance schedule.

Tuesday: Teaching a "What If" writers workshop with Mary Stella. Mary, bless her heart, is organizing this for us. We'll 'rehearse' in the room the night before. Stress factor: Moderate (After all, writers are expecting to learn something from us.)

Wednesday: Meet and Greet with readers. No rehearsal. Just me being me. Stress factor: None (unless no one shows up) *g*

Thursday: Acting in Heather Graham's mystery theater production for the "Vampires in the Caribbean' party. I'm a mermaid. The cast will rehearse on Wednesday eve and Thursday prior to performance. Stress factor: High (A. I don't have the script yet! B. My lily-white midriff will be on display.)

Friday: Singing an Enya tune and reciting chants as 18 authors model their unique fairy costumes. Stress factor: Low I'm able to prepare for this one now. Have the song. Have the chants. Rehearsal day of. Normal performance jitters only. Should be fun. (Unless the DJ messes with knobs and someone causes my musical tracks to jump half a key WHILE I'm singing. That actually happened two years again. Oy.)

Saturday: Co-hosting the Mr. Romance Competition along with James Scott (actor on ABCs All My Children). Rehearsal all through the week. Stress factor: High (A. I don't have the script yet! B. James is a professional actor with soap opera experience meaning he's used to getting the script the night before--I'm not. C. No teleprompters D. If they allow us to be on book, I won't be able to read the script unless I wear my glasses. I bet James doesn't even need glasses. He's still in his twenties! D. WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!) Although I guess I needn't worry overly much about my appearence as the mostly female audience will be ogling James and the twelve hunky contestants, not me. *g*

Anyway, that's a sneak peek at my life in two weeks. For now, I'm going back to my WIP. Stress level: Through the Roof


Taylor said…
awww Beth, have the best time! Even with all that stress it sounds like a lot of phone! Be sure to tell us all about it when you get back!
ElsieHogarth said…
Beth, you'll be fine. Just remember to step back, every now and then, so you can have some fun and take some pictures to put on the website.

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