The Chaos Begins

Okay. Heard from my agent today (literary, not entertainment). My editor will be sending the revisions on THE CHAMELEON CHRONICLES (book one) next week. That means I have to kick butt and crank out some solid pages on ROMANCING THE WEST over the next few days. I'm emceeing a sweepstakes at Trump Marina Casino this weekend, but I'm back-of-house so I can take my laptop and type in between announcements. No Internet access. That's a good thing. I just hope I don't type in a Brooklyn-based winner's name in place of a wild west character's. Sheriff Carmine Balducci. Er, not.

Heard from my other agent (yes, entertainment) two days ago. Bally's Casino asked for my avails through the summer. Color me surprised. This over-forty performer survives another year in a youth obsessed industry. I'd happy dance if it weren't for the arthritis in my knees. Shh. Don't tell the casino execs. *grin*

So I'll be gigging in the casinos, working at the library, and tackling two more books this year. Oh, and attending a few writer's conferences. I don't know if it's stress or adreneline, but suddenly I'm bursting with ideas and energy. This cinches it. I have a screw loose.

What are your plans for the spring/summer?


Julia Templeton said…
Sounds like you'll be busy...though that's nothing new!

This spring/summer I'll be writing like crazy. I'm anxious to get some proposals off to my agent, and make my current deadlines. I'm also anxious for our family vacation to Disney World--right after RT! BTW, can't wait to see you in Daytona.
Cyn said…
Hey Busy Bee, I think you should rename the post to "The Chaos Resumes"! :-)

Hope the revisions hit the spot for you. I'm sure they're going to be great.

Wish I could see you guys at RT! I can't believe it's RT 2006 already. Didn't you first go in 1994? I think we went together in 1995 to Fort Worth. Wow. Time flies.
Kelly said…
I will be at RT, and I cannot wait! :-)

The rest of the summer will be dedicated to getting caught up on the TBR pile from hell. :-)
Beth Ciotta said…
Julie, you're one of the most prolific writers I know. You'll deliver. :) Can't wait to see you at RT. You, too, Kelly (aka Library Diva). Cyndi... waaaah! Wish you could come!

Oh, Kelly, my TBR pile is from hell AND BACK!
Anna Lucia said…
This summer? Well, I'm planning on getting a new kitchen (This is so much more of a big deal than it sounds, believe me) and having lots of good friends to stay after the Romantic Novelists Association conference hits the town where I work.

Usually I have to travel hundreds of miles, even when the Conference is on its 'north' cycle. This time it's much closer to home, and I can't WAIT.

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