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I couldn't figure out what went wrong with this blog. The sidebar was in the wrong place for two days. Couldn't take it anymore so I wimped out and tried for an easy fix. Changed the 'theme'. Hence the new look. Not quite as cheery as before, but the sidebar is back in place and the font is easier to read. This will do... until I get bored. I swear, I change blog and website looks as often as my hair color. And that's a lot.

Speaking of my website, it's still under the weather. No. Wait. It's horribly sick! Steve spent his entire day trying to bring her back to life. He did find a way to reinsert the navigation links--thank goodness--but we still can't upload. He called our server, but the tech service guy wasn't very helpful. Don't you hate that when that happens? Aren't they supposed to know how to fix glitches associated with the server? Jeez.

In other news, I now know what my performance as a mermaid in Heather Graham's murder mystery entails (see the Fun, Sun, and Stress post). Apparently, like Ariel in 'Under the Sea', someone stole my voice. I'm in heaven, I tell you. Heaven. One less 'part' to memorize. It's a comedic role, lots of physical humor. Love, love it, love it.

Worked all day at the library. During slow times, I devoured chapters of Robert B. Parker's 'Appaloosa'. The writing is sparse and sharp. The dialogue, 'HBO Deadwood' style, only not as shocking. Gritty, real, but not overly graphic. Lively characters and a fast-paced and engrossing story. There's even a bit of romance. I'm loving this read. Entertaining and inspiring. Double bonus.

I made progress on my WIP last night. Dug out research books on Arizona Territory in 1878. Specifically Phoenix. Lost myself in the rugged southwest for a couple of hours and then treated myself to a romantic period movie...

Tristan and Isolde At first I was captivated, totally hooked. About midway through the movie, Steve said to me, "I bet I can tell you why you're not enjoying this movie right now." He hit the nail on the head. It had to do with characterization and the whole romantic hero/heroine angle. Tune in tomorrow for details. (How's that for a teaser?) *g*


Bob said…
I like the new look. Lighter, airier. I was just going to recommend that you redo the template from the start.

Just so you know, everything looked fine in Firefox browser. So about 10 percent of the people visiting (the approx. percentage of Firefox users) saw your page fine.

Internet Explorer just whammied everybody with the umpteenth set of critical patches this past week or so. In IE, the problem was evident in your other template. It's not nice of the 1500-pound gorilla to mess up stuff so arbitrarily.
FeyRhi said…
Can't wait to hear your review! You big tease *G*

I saw a preview for this movie somewhere and thought it looked interesting (i love that time period) until the tag line "Before Romeo and Juliet there was Tristian and Isolde"

I love happy endings to my romances. You can guess my opinion on R&J. I find that particular story annoying and irritating. Studied it in detail in highschool English didn't change my mind either. The chance that this particular story is anythign like that turned me completely off.

Give me "Much Ado About Nothing" or "Taming of the Shrew" anyday.

Glad to hear that your muse is being kind. Can't wait till it's finished LOL
Tori Lennox said…
Ooo, Arizona! I love Arizona. I miss Arizona. :)

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