Second day of duel posting. Still blogging my regular posts over at Bravenet. Still getting a feel for here. Is it me? Or did Blog Spot recently make things a little easier? Creating posts looks different. The posting of pictures and other extras.... easier. Still haven't figured out how to add links to my sidebar. On the 'To Do' list.

Moving is going to be a pain. It means regular readers having to bookmark a new address and anyone who has me on the blog roll linking to a new address. I apologize for the incovience and promise not to move again anytime soon. Hey. Is there a spell check on this thing, because I am like the world's worst speller! Looking... looking... yes! No. Just tried the spell checker and it didn't work. Unless... could it be? Did I spell everything alright so far? I find that so hard to believe. Okay. Done rambling. :) Crud. I'll really miss my plethora of smiley faces.


Cyn said…
B, there is a spell check. It's on the menu bar where you type in your post.

I like the new blog!

Hugs, C

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