Practice Makes . . . Doable

Okay. Practice post--Part Duex. I did the block quote thing but saw no difference. I'm sure I did something wrong. But of course. This time I'm trying italisize and a link. Oh, and bigger font. Hey, while I'm at it let's try color!

Feeling brave. Going for a picture. meet my furry friends--Sadie, Cheyenne, and Billie.


Julia Templeton said…
I can FINALLY get to your blog. Ah, the pets look adorable :).
Love, J.
Mary Stella said…
Looks great, B!
Beth Ciotta said…
Yay! Julie, you made it here! Huge relief. :0) Look forward to seing you on a more regular basis!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Mary! :)

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