The Plunge

I did it. I posted at my old site that I'm moving to a new site. Um, here. I hope everyone follows. Hey. I just realized. There's no statstic thingee here. So if people don't follow... I won't know. Huh. Small blessings.


Bob said…
Hi Bethie. This is nice. Being a creature of habit, I miss your former blog's look, but I'll get over it.

You can install a counter into your template that will give you statistics. I use a free one a It's small, can be invisible, and has a load of information--maybe too much. You can spend hours just digging into stats.

I've changed my link to you and so forward.

Oh, here's a suggestion to stop the spammers from commenting here. In the settings area of blogger, there's a tab for Comments. In it, there's a selection for "Show Word Verification For Comments." That puts a picture of letters that posters have to copy. It's better than forcing people to be members of blogger, although sometimes it's hard to read the letters. I usually get it by the second try, though, if not the first.

Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Bob! So glad you made it over! Thank you for the 'word verification' tip. I just added it. Also thank you for the 'counter' tip. Cyndi offered a suggestion on that as well. I'll try to add one before the day's end. Thanks again!

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