Goals, Dreams, and Happiness

Sorry I went missing all. The last couple of days have been jammed packed and I haven't had a chance to get to the Internet Cafe. To relay all that we've done would take more time than I have just now. I think what I'll do is break down our adventures and post in a short series when I get home. I have so many exciting things to share!! Pictures too, though I haven't taken nearly as many as I usually do. I mean how many shots can you take of Big Ben? I started to take a picture the other night and thought, hey, this looks just like the one I took two years ago. That's the thing about historical monuments. They don't change much from year to year. Thank goodness!

Anyhoo, I will tell you quickly that I have a new goal. Yesterday we took the train to Canterbury. It's a bustling, historical town about 90 minutes outside of London. As soon as we walked through an ancient archway and started walking a main cobble-stoned street, an eerie but wonderful feeling came over me. "This is the place," I said to Steve. "This is where we're going to live. I feel something. Something magical." He said he wasn't surprised that I felt something. That Canterbury is a spiritual place. He reminded me that for centuries people set off on pilgramages to Canterbury Cathedral to visit the shrine of Thomas Beckett. Thomas Beckett was murdered in the Cathedral by four knights in 1170 and later named a saint. It's a fascinating and tragic tale. Visit this site to read a little about the cathedral and it's history. http://www.canterbury-cathedral.org/

I can't put into words how I felt as we toured the cathedral and walked the ancient streets. I just knew that Canterbury was a place where I could flourish creatively and spiritually. The small city is quaint enough for me and cultural enough for Steve and, bonus, a short train ride from London. Steve and I have always said we would love to live in England. We'd always sort of thought London. But after yesterday I knew... it may take another ten years of hard work and saving, but... "We're going to live in Canterbury," I said to Steve. "You watch. I'll make it happen." To which he smiled and replied, "Okay." I guess he knows how determined I am when I set a goal. You know my motto. Dream big and reach for the stars.

Have you recently set a new goal? What are you doing to make it happen? Do share!


Cyn said…
B, like, Steve, I'm not surprised. You always said you wanted to live in London. How wonderful when you finally know where exactly you want to be. Our retreat weekends will certainly take on a different flair. :-)

I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself and feeling rejuvinated!

No new goals for me. Status quo: write the book.
Tori Lennox said…
Living in England sounds wonderful!

My only goal right now is to finish my book before it finishes me. *g*
Mary Stella said…
Glad that you're having so much fun, Beth. Now, about that house in Canterbury. Don't forget to have a guest room. *g*
Anna Lucia said…
Oh please go and live in Canterbury! I love the place, too. Very, very special.
Roni said…
Beth, it's very possible that you have these strong feelings about Canterbury because you lived a previous (happy_ life there!
I felt that way many years ago when I visited Greece.
Gabriele C. said…
I could imagine living in Canterbury myself.

You'll make it happen, lass.

And I totally agree about the guest room. :-)
Marjorie Jones said…
YAY! Got my Beth fix :) Glad you're having such a great time! And Canterbury? As in Tales? If you see ol' Geoff's ghost milling about, have him sign a copy of Jinxed for me :D You know, I could SO live there (anywhere in GB) for a while. It's a great goal! HUGS!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi gang! Yes, Marjorie, Canterbury as in Tales! Also forgot to tell you Christopher Marlow was born there! :)

Mary, I will absolutely have a guest room. Hoping friends wil visit. :) Cyndi, guess where you'll be flying for a retreat! :)

Anna, I thought to myself, well, at least I'll know ONE person in the area. :) How close are you to Canterbury? And Gabriele, even though you're in Germany, I bet you're just a train ride away.

Roni I thought about the past life thing too. As it happens my ancestors are from England.

Cheering on Tori and Cyndi with their stories. Mary too. My synop isn't finished, but I have made progress. :)

Have to run. More later! Hugs, Beth
Anna Lucia said…
Ah, Beth, I'm a long way from Canterbury. I live in Cumbria (near The Lake District) which is about 400 miles and 7 hours' drive away. :-)

But I have friends in London, and just outside London, whom I visit regularly, and I'd come down to see you like a shot! Living in the back of beyond has made me very mobile...

Anyway, when you move over, we'll bully you into joining the Romantic Novelists Association, and strong-arm you to meetings so you can meet some of the lovely people there. No worries.

Am I scaring you yet? ggg I can appear a bit intense when I'm in a rush...

Anonymous said…
Great goal!!

Lori :)
Charlene Teglia said…
Sometimes you just know where you belong. And then you just have to do it! : )

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