Spring is in the air. Fresh air. New beginnings. I recently altered my eating habits. For the first time in my life I'm actually creating healthy meals on a daily basis. Cooking for me used to mean nuking a bowl of Progresso soup. Now I'm making meals, real meals, healthy low-fat meals from scratch. I'm also exercising daily. Not easy for a gal who hates to exercise. The temptation to save time and to nuke soup or to skip a day of exercising in order to spend an extra two hours at the computer is great. The key, I've decided, is to apply the same focus and determination as I do to my writing. So far, so good. The payoff? A leaner body and more energy. Boy, did I need more energy.

Other changes include a new look at my website. Done. A new hairstyle. Coming soon. And this new blog. I realize it's a pain, but please alter your bookmarks or, if I'm linked at you site, your blog roll. It's a simpler look here. Until I better understand how to manipulate this site anyway. Oh, and no smiley faces. *sigh* I think there's a way to add that feature but I can better utilize the time it would take me to figure that out. I have a synopsis to complete. Speaking of...

Wait! I just remembered. I don't have a statistics function here either, at least not that I know of. I won't know how many people relocated with me. Could you do me a favor? Even if you typically lurk, could you drop a comment? Even an "I'm here" would perk me up. I suddenly feel like the new kid in town. *frowny face*


Cyn said…
B, I followed you. You can't get away!

You can add a hit counter and other things. If you are logged in to Blogspot, they have a search feature. Search hit counter. It will give you web site links to places that provide a free hit counter. I used the Bravenet one, ironically. It is a simple cut and paste of code from their site after you pick out what you want. You paste into your template where you want it to appear. You can put it at the very bottom of your blog or after all the stuff on the right side of your blog. If you look closer at the code in your template, you'll start to recognize what is what. Plus you can trial and error because the template gives you the option to preview your changes before saving them. So you can srew it up 5 times and there are no worries as long as you did not save it.

I like the new look!
Cyn said…
Oh, and, if you want, you can also delete the Google News and Edit-Me links. They won't affect anything. They were just there for your original template to help you, etc.
Beth Ciotta said…
Yay, C!!!! So glad you're here. Bob made it over too. He suggested the 'word verification' thingee, which I just did. And, like you, suggested a statistic counter. Thank you for the detailed instructions. You know me. Goober tech. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have the links in the sidebar. And--you read my mind--yes, I was worried that I'd screw something up if I deleted the 'google/edit-me' links. Ha! I'm so predictable. Will delete now, and will look into a counter by day's end. Must. Write. Synopsis. ;)
Bob said…
The nice thing about blogger is you can make a ton of changes in your template and then do a test to see what they look like. Or, what I did was make a whole test blog that I mess with the template on. That way, nobody sees me fall down, figuratively speaking.

You'll find that you can add all the graphics and photos and design elements that you could ever want. It's just a matter of figuring out the Blogger-speak, which I imagine is about as simple as any Cyrillic or Middle Eastern language to acquire.

But you'll want to save some of that for later. Don't want to eat the whole box of chocolates in one sitting. :-)
Mary Stella said…
I'm here, Beth! Great job. Love the look of the new blog. It inspires me to make the change myself when the update fee goes up at Bravenet.

Of course, then I need to remember the blog search engines where I registered my blog. Hmmm.
FeyRhi said…
**waving madly** Found you!!
Your site looks great, fresh looks fresh ideas right? Hope your synopsis is being kind. *G*
Beth Ciotta said…
Bob, it is like learning a new language. And I've barely conquered English. Heh. A test blog, eh? Interesting idea.

Waving to Jennifer and FeyRhi! The synop? Oh, that thing. Um, working on it. had to have my oatmeal first. :)

Mary... the search engines!!! Forgot about that. Sigh. Although I think I only did two. Ah, well.
Scott Oden said…
Hey, nice place. Now I just need to edit my own blog . . .

I'm a technogoob, too, Beth so don't feel bad. I'll never figure out how to replace the bland header with an image. *Shakes fist at the blog gods*
SassyElsie said…
Hi Beth!
You know "the stalkers", where ever
you go we will follow.
Beth Ciotta said…
An empathetic nod to tecnogoober, Scott. If you figure out how to augment the bland header, let me know. ;)

Elsieeeeee! Hey stalker girl, glad to see you here.
Bob said…
*Takes Beth by the hand* Now this won't hurt, but you'll feel a slight stabbing pain that won't go away for a long time.

These blogs use style sheets a lot and positional stuff, to use the techie term.

A lot of this is like a mystery. You have to look for clues to where things are and how they got there.

In your template (and this is where it's a good idea to use a practice copy of your blog--you can always copy the changes you make into your real blog when you've perfected it), you'll see areas identified, one of which is the body and background. The arrows in your header thing are the thisaway_blue.gif . Find that in your template, and you've found where you can possibly add an image, like one of your banner ads from your previous blog.

Further down the template looks like the "main wrapper." That sounds promising. It also has that arrow gif.

I think that's enough for now. Use a practice blog and when you have an extra couple of carefree hours, look into those things, find where your BlogTitle and BlogDescription descriptors in the template.

It's actually pretty easy, much the same as building a piano is...if you've done it for 20 years. I always have reinvent the piano hinge when I do it.
Sam said…
Found you!
You can run but you can't hide!
Nice new blog look and great updated website.

(blogger only has my pen name - can you guess who this is???)
Anonymous said…
OK I've been lurking..but wanted to post ..this found this on our library's website..thought you'd enojoy..

Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks for the awesome info, Bob. (Pssst. Scott, did you take all that in?) I think your 'practice blog' is the way to go. As to those 'carefree hours'... *laughs hysterically* ... don't you mean 'when you get blocked on your synop and need an excuse to procrastinate?' :0)
Beth Ciotta said…
Hiya, Sam. Er, Jenny, your most excellent photo sort of gave you away. :)

*Waving* to Leippya! Are you settling into your new country?

Kim! Thank you for coming out of lurkdom and sharing that link. You just gave me a thrill! How cool!
Kim said…
Beth I am glad you enjoyed the link..
I'll try not to just luck..

Kim said…
Beth I am glad you enjoyed the link..
I'll try not to just luck..

Leippya said…
Thank you for asking. I've been there since last August so the most frightening part of the "settling in" is done. :)

And my cat is coming next week! *crosses as many fingers as possible*
Gabriele C. said…
Ohh, another one on my bloglist who feels like spring changes and new webistes.

I redid mine as well and put up a forum for writing Historical Fiction.

Have fun with you new blog, Beth. The only thing that's missing here is smiles. :(
Beth Ciotta said…
Leippya, I was wondering about your cat, but was afraid to ask. This is wonderful news! May you be reunited very soon!!

Gabriele, change can be stimulating, yes? Hopping over to see your new look...
Taylor said…
Just glad to see I can comment freely without being a member. Nice new blog Beth! Hope we still get the same, original posts however!

(And for added measure, here's a smiley of my own!)

Brooks said…
Great! Easy to find ...won't miss a beat. It will be interesting to watch as you gain mastery over your new posting medium. Soon you'll be able to say, "I used to be a techno goober".

One day you could write a book: "You May Be A Techno Goober If..."

Adventure on!
Bethany said…
I'm here, I'm here! :-) And LOVE the new look (everywhere).
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Taylor! Original posts, eh? No pressure ther. LOL Liked your smiley. ;0)

Brooks, as far as mastering this blog and conquering my gooberism... I get by with a little help from my friends.
Beth Ciotta said…
Yay, you made it, Bethany. Glad you like my new looks! Soeaking of revising... Hope your chapters are going well.
chryscat said…
Hiya hon! *waving*
You can add a sitemeter to the bottom to check out the comings and goings. As for smilies...if you figure it out, please let me know.
I like the new digs, woman!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hiya Chrys! Glad you made it over. Gotcha on the smiley thing. :0)
Brandy said…
Just wanted to let you know, I as a lurker, have followed you. But, not like a stalker! (Sorry, warped sense of humor!!)
Anna Lucia said…
I'm here!


I've been away, but I'm so glad to see you on blogger!
Anonymous said…
Vincent said ... I'm here. I ran into Gwen and her kids in Northfield on Tuesday. We both mentioned you.
Beth Ciotta said…
Brandy, thanks for coming out of lurkdom. Your kind of 'following' is the good kind!

Anna Lucia, welcome back!!!

Vincent, I owe you a phone call. Yikes. So sorry. (Note to self: Call Vincent!)
I'm here too. Just late (as always)! :-)
Tori Lennox said…
I'm here finally! :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Waving to Kelly (Library Diva) and Tori!! Glad you made it gals!

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