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Period of Adjustment

When we were in London, we saw a couple of plays. One was written by Tennessee Williams, and it was called Period of Adjustment. This post isn't about the play (which I thought was excellent) but about the concept of adjusting. Wrapping your brain around a new or different idea or situation. Allowing yourself time to absorb and adjust.

Last night, I wrapped up and turned in the synopsis I've been struggling to write for a month. The contracted deadline was yesterday. I had permission to email it and I did so at 11:30 pm. I got it in before midnight so that counts as turning it in on March 30, right?

As I madly typed I thought, why do I always end up writing right down to the wire? I had a month to write this synopsis and yet I ended up cramming two days before the contracted deadline. It's not like I slacked off. I started this synopsis the day after I turned in my last book. But I couldn't get past the first page which was basically a summery of what had happened in the…

Back to the Real World

Popping in to let you know I'm back in the states. Got home late last night and today it's back to our normal, busy lives. Steve already left for work and I'm leaving for the library very soon. Tonight I'll be chained to the computer, cramming on that dratted synopsis and sweating tomorrow's deadline. Wee bit stressed just now. Will post about our adventures in England (along with pics) in the coming week. Also forthcoming an update on the publishing world as I know it. Any particular topics you'd like me to touch on? Post them here or shoot me a private email. I'll be happy to oblige.

Goals, Dreams, and Happiness

Sorry I went missing all. The last couple of days have been jammed packed and I haven't had a chance to get to the Internet Cafe. To relay all that we've done would take more time than I have just now. I think what I'll do is break down our adventures and post in a short series when I get home. I have so many exciting things to share!! Pictures too, though I haven't taken nearly as many as I usually do. I mean how many shots can you take of Big Ben? I started to take a picture the other night and thought, hey, this looks just like the one I took two years ago. That's the thing about historical monuments. They don't change much from year to year. Thank goodness!

Anyhoo, I will tell you quickly that I have a new goal. Yesterday we took the train to Canterbury. It's a bustling, historical town about 90 minutes outside of London. As soon as we walked through an ancient archway and started walking a main cobble-stoned street, an eerie but wonderful feeling c…

Fog Brained in Not-so-foggy London

I'm jetlagged. It's cold... and I couldn't be happier. I'm in London!

New experience for me at the airport. We usually take the tube (subway) from the airport into London. About a 45 minute ride, but inexpensive and easy. However the New York Times 'prize' (Steve won this trip) included transportation from Heathrow to our hotel via a private driver. So after we got through customs, we had to look for a man holding up a sign with our name on it. There were lots of drivers, holding lots of signs. If you've arrived at a major airport, you've probably seen these guys. Silly, but I thought it was kind of exciting looking for the sign with our name. :) Our driver was Paul, his car was lovely, he was lovely, and he got us into London in forty minutes. Very little traffic and a nice little sightseeing bonus.

We're staying in a great hotel near Trafalgar Square, which is close to several of our favorite art museums, and also Leister Square which is to London w…

And the Winner is... Us!

I love New York, as the song goes. But I love London even more. Steve and I have traveled there many times over the past several years. The first time was for our honeymoon. Three days in London. Two days in Paris. It was the first time I'd traveled overseas and I was bewitched. Everything is so old over there. A history and art lover's paradise. We've also traveled to Austria and Switzerland, both beautiful, and I've been to Italy (personal favorite), but the place we love best, our place, is London.

Steve reads the New York Times on-line daily. Last year, he entered a contest where you guessed the Oscar winners. He guessed every one right. When he got the winner's letter in the mail, he thought it was too good to be true. I encouraged him to follow through as I've worked in PR and the forms looked official to me. They were. 100% the real deal. He won a trip! A week long trip, all expenses paid! He had a choice of three places. Hollywood, CA, Wine Country (CA) …

How Bad Do You Want It?

I have goals. They go hand in hand with my dream. My dream is to write for a living. Amazing how many friends and acquaintances are under the assumption that because I'm multi-published and contracted for five more books that I'm raking in the bucks. I'm a published author. My books are on the shelves. Therefore I must be making the same money as Stephen King or John Grisham or <insert any well known author>. *Cough* I wish. The fact is, I still have to work a regular gig to pay the bills. Here's a shocker. Most authors do. How can that be? you ask. J.A. Konrath has an eye-opening post on writers and 'Money'. Check it out.

So back to my goal. In order to make a living as a writer, I need to write quality material and sell it . . . as much of it and as often as humanly possible. Publishers want prolific writers. The public wants prolific writers. I remember, before I started down the publishing path, finishing a fantastic novel by one of my favorite authors…

The Stars and Moon

When I was a little girl, a much older cousin was pictured in a layout for Pan Am airlines in a prominent fashion magazine. She was a stewardess (yes, that was the PC term back then). She got to wear a fashionable uniform, including a chic hat. Oh and, bonus, travel the world. I thought her life was glamorous and being featured in a magazine was just about the most exciting thing ever! I admired her, slept with the magazine under my pillow for weeks, thinking I should be so lucky.

I must have wished upon a star or something. I am that lucky. Because of my profession(s) I do get to wear fashionable clothes. I travel extensively due to business and pleasure. Because I have been involved in so many RT conventions, my picture has appeared many times in the Romantic Times magazine. It's always an honor and a thrill. Last spring, SEDUCED was featured on the cover of Affaire de Coeur magazine. I walked on air for weeks thinking this is what my cousin felt like, this is the most exciting t…

Natural Born Teachers

I've been a published author since 2002 and you could put what I know about the publishing industry in a thimble. The process varies from house to house, editor to editor. My experiences with Medallion Press differ greatly than those with ImaJinn Books. Everything--from contracts to the editing process to cover spec sheets--is more complicated. Not in a bad way. Things are just more involved. Wider distribution. Aggressive advertising. Foreign Sales. A company presence at nationwide tradeshows and conferences. Various aspects trickle down to the author and much of it is still Greek to me.

Currently, I'm embarking on a new adventure. I recently signed with HQN (Harlequin). I'm in the beginning phase of editing. I turned in my first contracted book, now I'm waiting for revisions while writing the synopsis for the next book. I understand from my agent that they'll be contacting me soon about input for the cover. I seem to remember from another Harlequin author's bl…

I Coulda Been a Sponge

Sponge Bob to be exact.

Last week Steve called me on my cell. He was at work setting up AV for a client. I was at home slogging through my latest synopsis.

Steve: "This client just told me they need someone to play Sponge Bob for an hour. They have a costume. Just need a body. I told her my wife does character work. I'll see if she's available. Are you?"

Me: "Um. I'd really rather not."

Steve: "It's just an hour and it pays <insert impressive sum>"

Me: "I'm the featured author on the Romance Junkies loop this week. I have a ton of questions I need to answer."

Steve: (over his shoulder to client) "My wife's also an author and she has prior obligations."

I hear the client say, "No problem. Thanks for trying." And I feel kind of bad for leaving them stuck, but not bad enough to change my mind. I really did have a lot of questions to answer for the RJ readers. But, truth told, I just didn't want to do S…


Spring is in the air. Fresh air. New beginnings. I recently altered my eating habits. For the first time in my life I'm actually creating healthy meals on a daily basis. Cooking for me used to mean nuking a bowl of Progresso soup. Now I'm making meals, real meals, healthy low-fat meals from scratch. I'm also exercising daily. Not easy for a gal who hates to exercise. The temptation to save time and to nuke soup or to skip a day of exercising in order to spend an extra two hours at the computer is great. The key, I've decided, is to apply the same focus and determination as I do to my writing. So far, so good. The payoff? A leaner body and more energy. Boy, did I need more energy.

Other changes include a new look at my website. Done. A new hairstyle. Coming soon. And this new blog. I realize it's a pain, but please alter your bookmarks or, if I'm linked at you site, your blog roll. It's a simpler look here. Until I better understand how to manipulate t…

The Plunge

I did it. I posted at my old site that I'm moving to a new site. Um, here. I hope everyone follows. Hey. I just realized. There's no statstic thingee here. So if people don't follow... I won't know. Huh. Small blessings.

Tackling Blogger

This goober tech is tackling Blogger day by day. A special thank you to Cyndi who helped me to understand how to add links to my blog roll. I have more to add, but this is a good start. These last few posts have been test posts. Nothing of much interest. Just me rambling to get a feel for this site. Wait. That's what I usually do. Ramble.

Some things never change.

And some things do! Like the look of my website--NEW!--and the location of this blog--ALSO NEW! The official change will take place in the next couple of days. Stay tuned. :)


Second day of duel posting. Still blogging my regular posts over at Bravenet. Still getting a feel for here. Is it me? Or did Blog Spot recently make things a little easier? Creating posts looks different. The posting of pictures and other extras.... easier. Still haven't figured out how to add links to my sidebar. On the 'To Do' list.

Moving is going to be a pain. It means regular readers having to bookmark a new address and anyone who has me on the blog roll linking to a new address. I apologize for the incovience and promise not to move again anytime soon. Hey. Is there a spell check on this thing, because I am like the world's worst speller! Looking... looking... yes! No. Just tried the spell checker and it didn't work. Unless... could it be? Did I spell everything alright so far? I find that so hard to believe. Okay. Done rambling. :) Crud. I'll really miss my plethora of smiley faces.

Practice Makes . . . Doable

Okay. Practice post--Part Duex. I did the block quote thing but saw no difference. I'm sure I did something wrong. But of course. This time I'm trying italisize and a link. Oh, and bigger font. Hey, while I'm at it let's try color!

Feeling brave. Going for a picture. meet my furry friends--Sadie, Cheyenne, and Billie.

Duel Blogging

I'm going to be duel blogging this week. I'm in the process of moving my daily blog from Bravenet to Blog Spot. It's going to take me awhile to settle in here. These first few posts are rambling practice posts. Nothing to see here folks. Keep moving...

And this block quote does... what exactly? Inquiring minds...