I've Moved!

In cyber sense anyway. My website has a fantastic new look and as of May 2017 that's where you'll find my 'official' blog entitled--News & Muse. A page that highlights updates and fun giveaways. Please amend your bookmarks and visit me at:

That said, I've lived here at Blogger for many years and as such there are archived posts featuring some of the most exciting highlights of my career. Feel free to peek into my past. Then skip over to my new home for the latest!


Spring (and change) Is In The Air

In case anyone still checks in on this blog from time to time, you'll note a new look. This is just a taste of changes to come. For instance this blog will be obsolete. Yes, even more obsolete than it's been for the last year (or more). I'm moving to a new cyber home in the near future. That said there are years and years worth of posts and memories on this blog so I'll leave it active. If you happen to land here, feel free to skim my history. Updates on my moving status coming soon!

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a year brimming with good health, good fortune, and joy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I don't anticipate being on line much over the next couple of days, so I wanted to take this moment to wish you and yours a holiday packed with love and joy and, of course, yummilishis (my word!) food! Counting my blessings...and you are among them!

The Reality of it All

The fourth day of NaNoWriMo and here's what I'm learning.
*I won't come close to 50k in one month. *I'm most productive when I can start writing in the morning and continue throughout the day. All day. *I'm least productive on the days I have to work the day gig. I can write a little before, but not after. My focus and creativity is close to shot. *I cannot fully fly into the mist. I need to research aspects to root me in the reality of my tale. *I freewrite/freethink better on FB then I do on my blog. (But that's another story.) *The good news is, via research I had a break through today. Behold the visual proof.

So it begins...

November 1. Launch day of NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month). And so it begins.

I had the advantage of a full writing day so I took full advantage, dedicating a good portion of my time to writing for speed, not perfection. I did better than I thought I would, although I had to work hard and not nit pick and embellish what I knew could be better.

Mostly I succeeded. Mostly. I can always go back and embellish later, right? Right. The purpose of NanoWriMo, as I understand it, is to ignore your inner editor, to fly into the mist with the goal of writing an entire novel in one month. Or at least the bare bones first draft of a novel. In the words of the most awesome Nora Roberts: You can fix anything but a blank page.

I get the concept. And, after day one of NanoWriMo, I also get why it's easier to attempt this challenge with a clean slate. A completely new story instead of a work in progress. Rebel that I apparently am, I bucked advice and went with a WIP. Here's what I lea…

Enchanting Inspiration

Throughout my life, cinematic films have had an immense impact on my imagination, creativity, and professional pursuits. Even more so than books. Did she actually say that? Yes, I did. Shocking perhaps (considering I write novels instead of screenplays), but true. Movies, of most all genres and years, have inspired me to sing, dance, act, and write. They sparked my obsession with romance, history, and the supernatural. All of which play into my writing in some form or fashion.
Most recently three upcoming films (in particular) have me all a tingle. I was entranced by the trailers and I cannot wait to see them. I know without a doubt that I will leave the theater enchanted and inspired. I'll share a visual teaser as well as the trailer. Let me know what you think. And if you have more recs, do share!

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